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:bug: fixed issue with the layout changes not being saved all the time

:rocket: changed the Chart preview caching to rely only on the internal state and not on local storage - with default to true

:bug: making sure the connections and dataset don't overlap across teams

:passport_control: updated the access for the projectAdmin role and changed the UI to reflect the changes

:children_crossing: remember current team to avoid switching back all the time

:construction: added a barebones component to be used for tutorials

:sparkles: added the option to change dataset tags and added info about what tags are for

:lipstick: updated the empty state for dashboards with no charts

:bug: fixed malformed layour being saved :zap: optimised the layout updates to only send API requests if the layout changes

:construction: making sure the dataset builder renders the chart initially

:children_crossing: removed the option to make a chart public - now solely relying on the embedding and share links

:bug: fixed public dashboard embedding, sharing, and a few UI crashes

:bug: fixed issue with the UI crashing when modifying certain filters