I make to learn!

Create 4 environments for my project (dev, test, pre, prod) and configure Gitlab CI.

Create shell script to clone and install project into a new Apache vhost from A-Z.

Generate temporary hash and send it by email for invite users to register with specific roles per hash type.

Create custom shell script to automate creating a new virtual host on Apache as per my custom requirements.

Create cron job to auto transition node workflow state to another state if not update for 1 week.

Move files from temporary storage to private and maintain the same file usage.

Create page template for authenticated user and another one for anonymous.

List all user's Youtube videos and allow him. to choose embedded video into node.

Create service to integrate my custom form with Youtube using Google client package.

Create two page templates one for anonymous and the other one for authenticated user.

Alter SAML UserSync to update some account fields depend on custom logic.