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I just published Building your own Providers with React Context API and Hooks

Can’t help myself jotting down some ideas on v2

Let’s focus on getting V1 out though!

setup buymeacoffee page

If you want to support me on my journey building a no-code api SaaS, buy me a coffee!

automatically generate API from the dataset

The main mission of #toAPI, it to get you generating APIs as fast as possible, wasting little time on configuration.

I've added the ability to generate endpoints when creating a new dataset. Spin up an API lighting speed fast!

What is

Here's what you can expect from the beta version:

Turn any CSV, JSON or Excel into a quick and easy to use API without any code.

But it's more than that! You can connect your Airtable directly or your Google sheets through Zapier for easy to use data stores.

Create endpoints in seconds. Add query validations, customise the output, filtering and much more.

You can publish your API and expose Swagger docs, generated for you automatically.

Monetize your API by restricting through API keys.

Wealth Wise 1.2 Release ⁦

back on my radar. going to gather all feedback and make some new improvements this year

after a few days off, going back to tonight

also, I'm going to update here when I have days off. because that's useful in the long run (and I don't want to lose my streak 🔥!)

completed form modal @toucan

when I click on completed forms, I should get the basic information about it, when it was completed, when it was due, who it was assigned to and the option of viewing it in edit mode and viewing the final report