Dominik Sobe ツ

⚡ Indie Hacker bootstrapping products in the public. Currently working on 👉 Build your Knowledge Base with Notion 🙇🏽‍♂️. Other products I have shipped: 😻 📲 🎞

Buy domain

Literally every cool Notion related tool I have seen uses the .so top level domain.

I was a bit baffled about the fact that .so domains are crazy expensive – just paid 65$ on Namecheap 🤯

Finish v1 of logo

I am quite satisfied for now. Usually I fiddle around with my designs countless hours – this one took me 20min. I do have to resist the urge to tweak it though 😃

Quickly sketch out a logo

Trying to get rid of my perfectionism and rather create fast and iterate later if needed 😬

Here you can see my little thought process for coming up with the logo

Start building in public