The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little "extra".

Got CI/CD for accounts-api running through to prod (without creating domain)

switched over to cognito authorizer from custom auth in lambda api cause nat gateway was costing me 50 bucks a month.....

Write acceptance tests for accounts API using AWS creds for auth on control endpoints

Added two endpoints to accounts api: getCancelationSurveysByEmail & getCancelationStatusesByEmail

Figured out why acceptance tests weren't working against domain (need to add region/service to aws4 sig)

removed serverless-express from 1 out of 3 api lambdas. This shaved .6-.8 seconds from cold start time.

Made some progress on getting domain working with API Gateway but still getting 403/no response

Update accounts API headers & validation to make potential future change to cognito authorizer easier if necessary