Day 929 - How I decided to stop pushing for growth on Plugins -

How I decided to stop pushing for growth for my plugins project, due to market size being too small and not a lack of distribution channels I’ve not tried:

I tried many channels over 9 months actually. Not just one, but at least 12 I think:

• Sponsorships
• Multiple social media platforms
• Free tools
• Newsletter/email
• Even ads

Even on the ones that worked well, referral traffic isn’t very high. The numbers are in the low thousands, not hundred thousands or millions. Google Trends doesn’t show any data for "carrd plugins" because search vol too low. On Ahref, average monthly searches for the past 12 months based on the U.S. is just 30. Not 30k searches, just 30!

So my gut instinct plus inferencing from imperfect data (from sales, questions, etc) tells me that the market size is too small. Not hard science I guess, but enough for me after 9 months to make a judgement call.

That it's time to keep it steady state for now and explore something else. Otherwise I might end up digging in one spot with low chance of higher returns.

I’m cognizant of shiny object syndrome and trying hard to not fall into that trap, but also don't want to get too hung up on one project that I spend too much time flogging a dead horse (happened to me, got scars to show for it).

Hard balance!