Day 610 - Give 10x ask 1x -

Marketing is simple:

Give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, ask.

Give 10x, ask 1x.

That's it!

It's funny how I've always known this, but I realised I've only scratched the surface of what it means and how it applies to me.

***What if I made things to simply give away?***

Tools, templates, apps.

Not just content to impress or to establish myself as an authority.

A few reasons why I think giving as marketing works super well for me:

- I enjoy giving, helping others.
- My personality tends towards altruism (I started my career in non-profit, charity sector).
- I've always made pro bono stuff already

Thinking back, this is exactly how it worked out with [Plugins For Carrd]( - my free plugins are a loss leader but converted so many customers. I also enjoyed helping others with their Carrd problems on Reddit, Facebook and Telegram.

That's how it worked out for my consulting too. I gave more value than I charged. Over-deliver. Always top up with something valuable that the client never asked for.

Maybe that's why my marketing didn't work out for Lifelog - I wasn't giving enough, or giving ten times before an ask. I was trying to "create content" *just because*.

Giving as marketing might just be the path for me. Not sure why I took this long to realise!

Just show up leveraging on my strengths:

- helping others
- creating things

A strengths-based approach, onwards!
Carl Poppa 🛸

love this Jason ✨

Jason Leow Author

thanks bro!


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