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Updated blog

I finally got around to updating the blog's theme. It's been the same for about 10 years, so it needed a new look.

Oh, and I also added a link to my Makerlog profile to the blog.

Added 1 new item Modern MERN (, a MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, & NodeJS SaaS boilerplate by, to the SaaS Starters directory ( #listskit

Day 1245 - My ideal work-life - #lifelog

👨‍💻 Going to Learn Laravel

Let see if will switch to it

Added 1 new item Laravel Spark (, a billing solution+portal boilerplate and library by Laravel, to the SaaS Starters directory ( #listskit

Day 1224 - A better way to build in public, in 2024 - #lifelog

Added 1 new item NextJSDirectory (, a NextJS directory boilerplate by @Pauline_Cx, to the Directory Starters directory ( #listskit