Developer by day and developer by night.

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After hustling with Vercel serverless functions and node-gyp, I decided to rather pay $7 a month and be carefree

Migrate to Nuxt

Allows me to move some functionality out of Firebase and properly use SEO and meta tags
Tyler Shukert

What was the tech stack before?

Kevin Author

Vite + Vue 3 + Tailwind + Firebase + Supabase (mostly the same, expect for Nuxt+Vue2 for now until Nuxt 3 is released)


Moved filtering for popular tweets to the V1 API until V2 adds the ability to filter by likes/replies. Greatly reducing quota usage.

Used up the quota of 500.000 tweets in 14 days prior to that (whoops)

Improved the retrieval of Tweets

Retrieve tweets from official accounts that don't specifically mention the topic also get fetched. I.e. Supabase posting something with a decent amount of interactions without specifically mentioning Supabase.

Handle production outage

Caused by a missing cache invalidation from a library being used (introduced in patch version upgrade)